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Right at the beginning of his tile work, owner Matt Greenlee was exposed to TCNA and ANSI – two specification bibles that are used in the tile industry. He has always tried to apply the methodologies in those books, with minor variations, to his tile business…because they work!! What he likes about the standardized philosophy is that when followed, it works on a long-term basis, rather than just doing tile work to get through the two year warranty that’s required by the registrar of contractors in Arizona.  This is what distinguishes Greenlee Designer Surfaces from other tile companies.

There is a huge range of applications, which are learned over time, and are applied specifically for certain jobs.  In fact, there is even a special designation called a Ceramic Tile Consultant Certification, which Matt first achieved in 2000, and has maintained on an annual basis. 

When you want quality, and professionalism, you definitely want to work with a tile company where the owner has spend the time and effort to complete continuing education each year that focuses on new materials and new methodologies in the market place.  The Ceramic Tile Council of America, and The Ceramic Tile of North America issue the handbook for installation methodologies for the industry.  Every year it’s re-published and there are changes -new technologies, new materials.  From his years in the industry, Matt Greenlee understands the methodologies and the science behind them. Greenlee Designer Surfaces adheres to the industry standards for quality long lasting installations.

What this means to Greenlee Designer Surfaces customers is that you will get the highest quality installations possible, with the longest guarantees – and, you just can’t beat that!

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Installations Restorations

Residential & Commercial

• Flooring
• Showers
• Countertops
• Fireplaces
• Backsplashes
• Fountains
• Polylast
• and much more!

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Residential & Commercial

• Granite Countertops Restoration
• Saltillo Tile & Flagstone Refinishing
• Natural Stone Floor Restoration
• Grout Restoration & Sealing
• Shower Restoration
• and much more!

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