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Exciting New Rug Solution…Come and Get it!

One of my favorite things to do in my business is to find creative solutions to my clients design challenges.  So I’m really psyched to tell you about a revolutionary carpet product I now carry, that solves the problem of customizing good quality rugs for your favorite spaces!

I’m introducing RUG SQUARES, from Stanton Carpet to Northern Arizona as an exclusive dealer, because there’s more to life than ordinary!  This product is fun, flexible and affordable.

No matter what size room, or hallway, or bathroom, or family room you’re dealing with, YOU can customize the size and design of your rug.  There are twelve different colors to choose from, so you can either mix and match to create any pattern you wish, or design a rug in one color to suit your needs.  The individual squares are 16” X 16” so they cover a good amount of space quickly. Watch the video below to see how the squares fit together with an ingenious Velcro backing system.

This is the perfect floor covering solution for family rooms where spills and stains are an everyday occurrence, so you can eventually replace single pieces that become too damaged.  And, you don’t have to worry about replacing your rug because you’re moving.  With the individual squares, you can just add or subtract the amount of squares needed to customize the rug for your new space.  And, you can redesign your rug any time you please!

Each square is produced of 100% micro polyester to give the product a dense rich feel, and is extremely soft to the touch.

“Shaggy Lavish” is just the first product of the Rug Revolution Line that’s happening at Stanton, which we now offer in the showroom.  I hope you’ll come to the showroom and let us demonstrate how this amazing system works.  While you’re here, we can help you with creating a color and pattern design and create a “custom” rug to fit your space perfectly.  Click below for some rug fun!

Stanton Rug Squares Video

Looking forward to working with you!


Matt Greenlee, Owner

Greenleee Designer Surfaces